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Welcome to Mistral

Founded way back in 76, Mistral has been in the front of design and development. Since then, many amazing riders and designers have impacted the brand’s image at one point or another and fuelled Mistral’s passion to perform. Not only to win but also to perform. We think that every Mistral rider deserves to have the best possible board under their feet in order to have a great time on the water. This is what “perform” means to us. Sharing the passion of the ocean and the sports we all love so much, to help create fantastic moments around the world… In the Mistral SUP range you will find boards that will cover almost anybody to do just that: perform at your best! Developed around the world, from Europe to the Canary Islands and Hawaii, Mistral boards are tested in all conditions and will hold up thanks to our construction. A mix of wood sandwich / wood X-ply and though “skin rails”. Riding a well-constructed board with the right shape is just more fun. It will make you perform at your best. This is the reason why we are here and this desire is the base of any product that we make.

It is our passion to perform.

Since 1976, millions of riders have already owned a Mistral board. I hope that you will also love yours and respect the ocean world that we all live in.